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These are a few pictures of Aruba. To see the real beauty of Aruba come visit the Aruba Dream House! Please email your photos to post on the web site.

Click on each image to see an enlarged view

Great sunsets
A favorite pastime-watching the spectacular sunsets

Rocky northern coast
Rocky northern coast in stark contrast to sedate southern beaches (see next photo)

California lighthouse is 10 minutes from Aruba Dream House

Snorkeling area
Southen coast near lighthouse is great for snorkeling

The classic Aruba Divi tree
Aruba- endless charm and beauty
Which beach will you select on your next visit to the Arubadreamhouse?

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Downtown Oranjestad has plenty of shopping and nig
Downtown Oranjestad has plenty of shopping and nightlife

Beautiful calm beaches on southern coast
Beautiful calm beaches and clear blue water on southern coast

Calm waters with fishing boat
Calm, relaxing waters with a small fishing boat

Parasailing and Kiteboarding tournement

Beautiful beach, blue water and a cactus

White sand, blue water, gentle winds.

Empty beach waiting for you.